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We've chosen the exceptionally beautiful and abundant Mana Pools as the location.  This has been a protected non-hunting area since 1952.  The game reserve was established in 1963 and the 287,000 hectare National Park declared in 1975.  The park, along with the adjacent Sapi and Chewore safari areas was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. 


Photographers travel and experience things differently.  You know this.  So do we.




Rather than rushing around the bush with a species checklist, we'd rather linger a little longer with the subject.  Waiting for Cartier-Bresson's "decisive moment" or Maisel's "gesture" takes patience.  A photo of a pride of sleeping lions can be a yawn.  But capturing that moment when the old male snarls at his playful cub who just woke him by pouncing on his tail is priceless.



US$4487 per person sharing.

US$5297 per person Single.


Each workshop is seven nights.  That includes five nights in Camp Mana on a Fully Inclusive basis and two nights in Victoria Falls on a B&B basis.

The rates include return flights between Victoria Falls and Mana Pools.

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